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FAQ #5: The truth about rib fractures & CPR

A common question that people ask is whether one will get in trouble for causing a rib fracture when performing CPR. Here’s Dr Jade, sharing with you more on the myths surrounding rib fractures and CPR. Please share with or tag someone you know who might benefit from this video. For more information as well […]

FAQ #4: Who is qualified to save a life?

  There are times when people are afraid and worried about performing CPR for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims because they are not medically trained to do so. Every minute that the victim does not receive help, their mortality will increase by 10%. So, step up and DARE to save a heart. Don’t worry, when you […]

FAQ #3: How Do You Use An AED?

  In this week of our mini ten-part short FAQ series, Dr Jade will share with us the steps on how to use an AED. It is natural to feel reluctant or afraid to use new devices especially when we are not familiar with it or the fear they may accidentally cause harm. But if […]

Man was jailed for assaulting SCDF Emergency Responders.

As reported in Lianhe Wanbao on 12th June 2020, the man was sentenced to 5-month imprisonment for assaulting SCDF Emergency Responders. We should not abuse but treat our frontline fighters with the respect they deserve. For more information on CPR and the use of AED, download our free DARE- LEARN app now. #daretosaveaheart For the full […]

FAQ #2: How do you do CPR?

  In this second post of our ten-part short FAQ series, Dr Jade will share will you some tips to do effective CPR for adult victims of cardiac arrest. Please share this video with your family and friends so they can follow us and learn how to save a life. For more information on CPR […]

10 FAQs about CPR and the use of AED.

  In this 10-part short FAQ series with our Programme Director, Dr Jade Kua, we will be exploring 10 frequently asked questions on CPR and the use of the AED. This week, she will be sharing with us on how should we respond when we see someone collapse if we are not trained? Please share […]