Congratulations Dr Jade Kua on making it to the Prestige Power for Good 2020!

Congratulations to our DARE director, Dr Jade Kua for making it to the Prestige Power for Good 2020.

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Congratulations to Dr Jade Kua on receiving her associate certified coach!

On October 10, our DARE Programme Director, Dr Jade Kua received her associate certified coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Congrats Dr Jade! We are all so proud of you!

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Source: CNA Luxury

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Quick Recap of FAQ #5 : The truth about rib fractures & CPR.

A common question participants asked is whether will one get in trouble for causing a rib fracture when performing CPR. Here’s Dr. Jade sharing with you a quick recap on the myths surrounding rib fractures and CPR.

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For more information as well as new e-learning resources about CPR and AED, download our free DARE- LEARN app now. #daretosaveaheart

Cisco Officer performed CPR on a customer who had fainted.

After witnessing the collapse, the Cisco officer performed CPR on the customer until medical help arrived.

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CPR-COVID FAQs with Dr Jade Kua

Ever wondered is it safe to perform CPR on a cardiac arrest victim in light of the COVID 19 Pandemic?

Here is our Programme Director, Dr Jade Kua, answering a list of questions put together by the SMU Alumni about CPR during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

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Reality Bites As Coronavirus Spreads

Confronting The Reality Of COVID-19

Reality Sinks In

Workplace Woes

They say that time will tell. It’s true, that not only are stories revealed with time, but various perspectives of the same emerge. For instance, we initially soaked up the novelty of working in modular teams over extended hours in make-shift tents, as if on an overseas medical mission together. As the weeks wore on, exhaustion and monotony devoured us. Tempers flared over small things like taking team photos or what time we ate dinner. It was the oddest thing. [Read on…]

Hearts Of Gold In DORSCON Orange

Valentine’s Day 2020

Hearts Of Gold

Hearts & kisses: Welcome to Week 2 of DORSCON Orange which kicks of with Valentine’s Day! This was a most unusual Valentine’s Day, happening in a period where DORSCON Orange Is The New Black. For a start, my gifts were from strangers in the community and my Valentines were my healthcare colleagues. [Read on…]

DORSCON Orange Is The New Black


Orange Is The New Disease Situation

Here we are in Week One of the new national code DORSCON Orange in response to COVID-19. Essentially, the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition reflects the current coronavirus disease 2019 situation. In DORSCON Orange, disease is severe and spreads easily from person and person. The restrictions that come with DORSCON Orange could cause moderate disruption, such as temperature screening and visitor restrictions at hospitals. In addition to the social advice to stay home if one is sick, maintain good personal hygiene and look out for health advisories which should surely be a daily standard, the only new one is to comply with control measures.

[DARE Programme Director Dr Jade Kua is also an Emergency Medicine senior consultant at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Read on to find out her experience…]

Get An A* STAR For The Future Of Everyone!

The Future Of Everyone


I was thrilled to discover that the theme for One-North Festival 2019 (13-14 September), was The Future Of Everyone. Organised by A*STAR, the One-North Festival is an annual celebration of research, innovation, creativity and enterprise. This year, my DARE team had a coveted booth in this prestigious festival to teach CPR & AED skills. In addition, I was invited to speak about my experience in tech & healthcare. [Read on…]

Reply To Letter About Compulsory CPR Training

Compulsory CPR Training

16 August: Letter To The Straits Times

Recently, the Straits Times published a letter in the Forum page asking for CPR to be made compulsory in schools. This letter by Ms Lam Yin Yin starts by acknowledging how useful a CPR course she took at the Red Cross was. She then shares how Singapore’s survival rates for cardiac arrests are relatively low. As she suspects it may be because of a lack of knowledge, she asks if the Ministry of Education might consider making CPR training compulsory. Finally she suggests that domestic helpers too receive compulsory training since they are often home with dependents. [Read on…]