FAQ #4: Who is qualified to save a life?


There are times when people are afraid and worried about performing CPR for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims because they are not medically trained to do so. Every minute that the victim does not receive help, their mortality will increase by 10%. So, step up and DARE to save a heart. Don’t worry, when you call 995, the 995 specialist is always on the phone to guide you. Anybody can save a life!

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FAQ #2: How do you do CPR?


In this second post of our ten-part short FAQ series, Dr Jade will share will you some tips to do effective CPR for adult victims of cardiac arrest.

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10 FAQs about CPR and the use of AED.


In this 10-part short FAQ series with our Programme Director, Dr Jade Kua, we will be exploring 10 frequently asked questions on CPR and the use of the AED.

This week, she will be sharing with us on how should we respond when we see someone collapse if we are not trained?

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CPR-COVID FAQs with Dr Jade Kua

Ever wondered is it safe to perform CPR on a cardiac arrest victim in light of the COVID 19 Pandemic?

Here is our Programme Director, Dr Jade Kua, answering a list of questions put together by the SMU Alumni about CPR during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

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Teenager saved his 8-year-old brother with CPR.

When 8-year-old Jayden suffered a cardiac arrest at home, his brother’s quick thinking saved his life. Having learned CPR as a Boy Scout, 15-year-old Tyron performed CPR to keep his little brother alive until first responders arrived.

[Source : CNN]

Full Story and video from CNN: [Click here]

How To Respond To Cardiac Arrest In Adults

If you witness someone who had a cardiac arrest and collapse, would you know what to do?

Here is our DARE programme director Dr Jade Kua sharing with you on some quick and easy steps to remember so that You can DARE to save a life.

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Teach public to use AED

In response to a Zaobao reader’s query on teaching the public on how to use an AED, we shared that our staff have been providing free training for the public. Schools have also started training students, so that young children can step forward to help in a medical emergency when they witness one, such as a cardiac arrest incident.

[Source: Zaobao]

Get An A* STAR For The Future Of Everyone!

The Future Of Everyone


I was thrilled to discover that the theme for One-North Festival 2019 (13-14 September), was The Future Of Everyone. Organised by A*STAR, the One-North Festival is an annual celebration of research, innovation, creativity and enterprise. This year, my DARE team had a coveted booth in this prestigious festival to teach CPR & AED skills. In addition, I was invited to speak about my experience in tech & healthcare. [Read on…]

Speaking At A Chinese Conference About Cardiac Arrest

Telephone-Assisted CPR

One the coolest things to share with my Chinese audience is our successful dispatcher-assisted CPR story. Essentially, our cardiac arrest survival rates doubled when the emergency dispatchers stayed on the line to coach CPR while the ambulance was on its way.

AEDs Everywhere

At the same time, I was proud to recount to these Chinese professors tales of how we populated the country with AEDs. Other than having them in schools, we also have them in government flats and public spaces.

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Kindergarten Kids Dare To Save A Heart

DARE X My Little Campus Bishan

Whomever thinks that kids are too young to learn CPR, hasn’t seen kindergarten kids dare to save a heart. On 30th October, my team and I visit My Little Campus on Bishan Street 23. On my way over, I’m delighted to find an AED at the nearby lift lobby.

As my team sets up, I wonder how the session will go. Recently, I had taught a small group of young parents and kids How We Save A Heart Together in a mall and that had gone very well. However that was an intimate session with only accompanied kids. Today I am expecting 40 Kindergarten 1 & 2 kids without their parents. Hence we decide to start by reading from my book, How We Save A Heart, and take it from there. [Read on…]